EHRO-N Reports
File Report Date
PDF icon Status report on the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) Aug 29 2019
PDF icon EUR 29126 - Nuclear Job Taxonomy - Final Report Dec 31 2018
PDF icon EUR28720 - Synthesis Report on the ECVET implementation in the Nuclear Energy Sector Jun 15 2017
PDF icon JRC105018 - EHRO-N 2016 Annual Report Dec 15 2016
PDF icon JRC105036 - Top-Down Workforce Demand from Energy Scenaros - Alternative Demand Scenarios Feb 15 2016
PDF icon JRC100891 - Top-Down Workforce Demand from Energy Scenarios - Sensitivity Analysis Jan 15 2016
PDF icon EUR27181 - Retaining critical competences in nuclear energy sector Jan 15 2015
PDF icon EUR26991 - EHRO-N 2014 Annual Activity Report Dec 15 2014
PDF icon EUR27017 - Post-Fukushima Analysis of HR Supply and Demand Oct 15 2014
PDF icon EUR26962 - Top down workforce demand from energy scenarios - Influence of Long Term Operation Mar 15 2014
PDF icon EUR26725 - Strategic Energy Technology Plan Study on Energy Education and Traning in Europe Feb 15 2014
PDF icon EUR26558 - Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan Roadmap on Education and Training Jan 15 2014
PDF icon EUR26205 - Current use of ECVET in the Nuclear Industry Sector of EU Dec 11 2013
PDF icon EUR26443 - Towards the Implementation of the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) in the Nuclear Jun 15 2013
PDF icon EUR26243 - EHRO-N 2013 Annual Activity Report May 15 2013
PDF icon EUR26131 - Distance learning courses in engineering in the EU-27 Apr 15 2013
PDF icon EUR26008 - Top-Down Workforce Demand Extrapolation from Nuclear Energy Scenarios Mar 15 2013
PDF icon EUR26007 - Some Observations On the Career Orientations, Mobility and Expectations of Professionals in the Nuclear Sector Feb 15 2013
PDF icon EUR25831 - Report on the Nuclear Human Resources and Education and Training Situation in the European E&I Countries Jan 15 2013
PDF icon EUR25639 - EHRO-N 2012 Annual Activity Report Dec 31 2012
PDF icon EUR25644 - The Preparation of an ECVET-oriented Nuclear Job Taxonomy - Concept and Progress Report Dec 19 2012
PDF icon EUR25618 - The concept of internationalisation and the ineviability of mobility of highly skilled employee Mar 1 2012
PDF icon EUR25291 - Putting into Perspective the Supply of and Demand for Nuclear Experts by 2020 within the EU27 Nuclear Energy Sector Feb 1 2012
PDF icon EUR25160 - Mapping of Nuclear Education Possibilities and Nuclear Stakeholders in the EU27 Jan 1 2012
PDF icon Survey on career orientations and expectations of nuclear engineering students and young professionals in the nuclear sector in Dec 3 2010