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Ten nations petition Brussels for nuclear

"We are convinced that nuclear energy should keep its proper place in European energy policy in accordance with the Treaties. Nuclear energy perfectly fits the three pillars of energy policy as reflected in the TFEU: security of supply, sustainability and competitiveness. Moreover the Euratom Treaty provides for obligations of the European institutions to support the development of nuclear power. In our view, nuclear energy, for its physical and economic characteristics, is entitled to be treated as an indigenous source of energy with respect to energy security, having an important social and economic dimension"
"Nuclear power stations insofar as they are compliant with the highest safety standards, bring significant benefits to EU decarbonization, energy security and economic growth. In this respect, the European leadership in nuclear industry should be preserved. Unfortunately, it should be recognized that numerous market failures are currently preventing investment coming forward and this should not be overlooked by the Commission. Nuclear energy which requires capital intensive and long-term investment, should be supported by market mechanisms to create a predictable investment framework.
We call on the Commission to reflect on these circumstances in its crucial decisions and political commitments. In particular, it is important that the market failures and the need to hedge against investment risks are accounted for in order to create the necessary market conditions for investment in new nuclear build projects in Europe. A technology neutral approach creating a level playing field for all low-emission sources is crucial. We have to make wise strategic decisions that will secure stable energy supplies at competitive prices for future generations"
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