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Second ECVET seminar for Nuclear Energy Sector

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Second ECVET Seminar for Nuclear Energy Sector

The Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) of the Joint Research Centre – European Commission (JRC-EC) and the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) Team is organising a customised Second ECVET Seminar for the Nuclear Energy Sector, held in Budapest (Hungary) on 7th- 9th October 2013.

The seminar's main objective is to disseminate the ECVET principles, benefits and tools in order to offer to the nuclear VET providers the opportunity to acquire the knowledge needed for implementing the ECVET system and/or to develop their ECVET awareness and skills.
Besides, in this second seminar we invited to the nuclear community to discuss its doubts/questions/difficulties regarding ECVET implementation. Therefore, in this occasion the seminar will be more practical than in the first edition.
The seminar will be led by the ECVET Team facilitators, with our collaboration. It is structured in four sessions spread over three days:

- Work Session 1 : VET in the European Context

- Work Session 2 : Designing LO and Units

- Work Session 3 : The Question of Transfer

- Work Session 4 : From Qualifications to Training Program for the Nuclear Sector


For more information, please contact:
LACAL MOLINA, María Alicia: CECLAN, Mihail: