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Job Taxonomy

The preparation of an competence-based Job Taxonomy has three main objectives:

- Promote the implementation of the principles of the EQF and the ECVET recommendations in the nuclear education and training.

- Contribute to a common language for nuclear jobs and job requirements.

- Facilitate the design of competence-based qualifications.

The job taxonomy covers the three life-cycle stages of the nuclear power plant: new build, operation, decommissioning. It consists of three elements:

- List of jobs

- Job profiles, focused in the definition of competence required.

- Catalogue of knowledge, skill and competence items, to be used as aid for drafting the profiles.

The progress in the preparation of these outcomes has been mainly achieved during the six dedicated technical workshops held so far:

- Istambul (Turkey)  16 - 20 February 2015  Report


- Madrid (Spain) 11 - 15 Nov 2013: Report  Gallery


- Bergen NH (The Netherlands), May 2013: Report


- Thessaloniki (Greece), Oct 2012 Report Gallery

- Petten (The Netherlands), Feb 2012 Report

- Bergen NH (The Netherlands), Oct 2011 Report

In December 2012 a Progress Report was released, containing the draft profiles produced so far.