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European Human Resources Observatory for the Nuclear energy sector

The EU Energy Roadmap 2050 identifies nuclear energy as one of the routes to achieve the decarbonisation the EU energy system. Today, nuclear energy is the decarbonisation option providing the most of the low-carbon electricity consumed in the EU.  However, the Nuclear Energy Sector is faced with some challenges in relation to preserving knowledge and skills in the sector.

The European Human Resource Observatory for the Nuclear energy sector (EHRO-N) was launched in 2011 based on an initiative from the European Nuclear Energy Forum (ENEF). The main aim of EHRO-N is to be the "the central information source" for all stakeholders in the EU interested in the optimization of the initiatives taken in relation to preservation of knowledge and skills in the nuclear energy sector.

EHRO-N produces and regularly updates quality-assured data on human resources needs for the different stakeholders in nuclear energy sector. It identifies gaps and deficiencies in the European nuclear education and training (E&T) infrastructures and elaborates recommendations for remedial actions and optimisation. EHRO-N also plays an active role in the development of a European scheme mutual recognition of nuclear qualifications - the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET).

JRC Decommissioning workshopJRC decommissioning workshop 2018 (Elinder project).

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