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Current use of ECVET in the nuclear industry sector of the EU-28

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This study was carried out from July-September 2013 in order to analyse the current use of the European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) in the nuclear energy sector in the European Union Member States. ECVET aims to create a strong and efficient link between the Education and Training 2020 Strategy and the European Employment Strategy by facilitating processes for the validation, transfer and accumulation of learning outcomes into the corresponding practices.
The scope of the study and its focus on the actual implementation required the design of a questionnaire, which was sent to the nuclear stakeholders in the EU-28 countries. The results presented in this report partially rely mainly on the responses to this survey, but also partially on the analysis of documents and web research. This report is identifying the extent of the ECVET implementation, the obstacles and favourable conditions it may face in the nuclear energy sector in the various European countries.