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Preview of IAEA Side Events at Next Week's NPT Preparatory Committee Meeting

IAEA Top News - 7 hours 7 min ago

Every five years, States party to the Treaty on the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) meet to review its implementation.

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New research reactor fuel completes irradiation tests

World Nuclear News - 27 April, 2017 - 17:16
A plate-type uranium-molybdenum fuel for research reactors has completed performance tests in the USA. The fuel could be used to replace highly-enriched uranium fuel, which can pose a proliferation risk.

IAEA considers safety of ageing research reactors

World Nuclear News - 27 April, 2017 - 15:51
A group of experts has made recommendations to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the sustainable and safe operation of research reactors. "Ageing management and effective utilisation are major challenges for operators of research reactors," the IAEA said.

Industry reacts to South African court ruling

World Nuclear News - 27 April, 2017 - 15:46
A ruling by South Africa's High Court setting aside the country's nuclear procurement plans is centred on procedural issues and makes no determinations on the argument for nuclear energy, the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa said today.

Beta Dose Rate Application with Personal Dose Equivalent Hp(0.07)

Nucleonica - 26 April, 2017 - 19:28
Nucleonica’s Beta Dose Rate application has been extended to include the personal dose equivalent Hp(0.07) @ 10 cm in air for over 760 beta emitting nuclides. The beta spectrum for each endpoint beta energy is used to calculate the flux at a distance of 10 cm from the source. Using the conversion coefficients (from Monte […]
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South African court sets aside nuclear plans

World Nuclear News - 26 April, 2017 - 17:28
South Africa's Western Cape High Court has set aside two ministerial determinations underpinning the country's nuclear procurement plans, ruling them unlawful and unconstitutional. The court has also declared the same to be the case of intergovernmental agreements, including that between South Africa and Russia.

KazAtomProm sees no negative impact from WEC

World Nuclear News - 26 April, 2017 - 16:32
Kazakh uranium producer KazAtomProm said today that the "reorganisation" of Westinghouse Electric Company will have no negative impact on its financial performance. Westinghouse's shares are split between Toshiba (87%), KazAtomProm (10%) and IHI Corporation (3%).

Russia speeds up manufacture of icebreaker reactor

World Nuclear News - 26 April, 2017 - 16:27
Russia's Zio-Podolsk has completed "one of the most complex" manufacturing operations on the reactor head of the Sibir nuclear-powered icebreaker, using a new tool that reduces the time required to bore holes in the structure from 150 days to 36 days. Sibir is the second of three vessels of the Project 22220 - featuring RITM-200 (Rhythmn-200) reactors - that will be able to break through ice 3 meters thick as they escort vessels across the Arctic Ocean. The others are Arktika and Ural.

France, UK join forces in nuclear skills

World Nuclear News - 26 April, 2017 - 16:11
Institut National des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires and the National Skills Academy for Nuclear have announced they will work together to boost "long-standing Franco-British nuclear industry relations". Their cooperation will include development of a "quality standard" for skills provision and training that will enable them to design education programs, organise exchanges between students and lecturers and implement new, innovative teaching tools.

Experts Make Recommendations to IAEA on Sustainable and Safe Operation of Research Reactors

IAEA Top News - 26 April, 2017 - 13:30

The IAEA is playing an important role in supporting the sustainable and safe operation of research reactors, and should continue to assist countries embarking on new research reactor projects and facilitating access to facilities for countries that do not have research reactors themselves

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Russia to use Baltic NPP reactor vessel for Ostrovets 2

World Nuclear News - 25 April, 2017 - 17:02
Belarus and Russia have agreed to the delivery of the reactor pressure vessel originally built for the Baltic NPP - under construction in the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad - to unit 2 of the nuclear power plant under construction in Ostrovets, in the Grodno region of Belarus, Rosatom has confirmed to World Nuclear News. The schedule for commissioning the Ostrovets 2 is uaffected and remains 2020.

Q&A: Poland’s Progress On The Road To New Nuclear

Nucnet - 25 April, 2017 - 15:35
25 Apr (NucNet): Conflicting reports have emerged from Poland about plans for its first commercial nuclear reactors, but in a Q&A with NucNet, Professor Grzegorz Wrochna of the Polish National Centre for Nuclear Research says the programme is on track and a business model is expected soon.

Governor Approves Restart Of Japan’s Genkai-3 and -4

Nucnet - 25 April, 2017 - 15:33
25 Apr (NucNet): The governor of Saga Prefecture in southern Japan has approved the planned restarts of the Genkai-3 and -4 nuclear power plants, the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (Jaif) said. 

IAEA highlights nuclear technology in daily life

World Nuclear News - 25 April, 2017 - 15:33
Yukiya Amano, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), spoke yesterday about the "remarkable contribution" nuclear applications make to "so many areas of our lives" at the opening of the agency's first International Conference on Radiation Science and Technology (ICARST 2017). The event is being held this week at the IAEA's headquarters in Vienna.

Russia aims to align CIS nuclear laws

World Nuclear News - 25 April, 2017 - 14:03
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has signed a decree on aligning nuclear power legislation in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In a statement on Medvedev's official website on 22 April, the government said national laws in some countries of the CIS vary in relation to the civilian nuclear energy industry and the construction of nuclear power facilities.

ICARST 2017: Applying Radiation Science and Technology in Everyday Life

IAEA Top News - 25 April, 2017 - 11:30

Sterilizing human tissue for use in surgery, tackling industrial pollution and producing high-quality biodegradable food packaging are among the innovative applications of radiation technology presented at the IAEA's first International Conference on the Application of Radiation Science and Technology (ICARST) this week.

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China, Iran sign first contract for Arak redesign

World Nuclear News - 24 April, 2017 - 17:21
China and Iran have signed the first commercial contract for the reconstruction of Iran's Arak heavy water reactor. The core of the reactor was removed as part of an international agreement limiting Iran's nuclear program in return for the lifting of economic sanctions.


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